Upper Damariscotta Estuary
There is an error in the transmission values. We are working to resolve this issue.
2019-11-18 21:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 11.3 V
CDOM (Water Color) 5.37 QSDE
Chlorophyll a 1.08 µg/L
Conductivity 2.80 S/m
Current Direction 185.4 S °
Current Speed 16.9 cm/s
Dissolved O2 6.03 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) 0.696 m
Nitrate Concentration 11.2 µM
PAR(0-) 0.055 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) -0.022 µM/m^2/sec
pH 8.012  
Salinity 28.05 PSU
Temperature 5.84 °C
Transmission 12.980 m-1
Turbidity 2.48 NTU
Latitude 4359.8907 ddmm.m
Longitude 6932.5516 ddmm.m

Casco Bay 1
This buoy is located next to Pomroy Rock, near East End Beach.
2019-11-18 21:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 11.5 V
CDOM (Water Color) 3.71 QSDE
Chlorophyll a 0.97 µg/L
Conductivity 2.86 S/m
Current Direction 0.8 N °
Current Speed 14.5 cm/s
Dissolved O2 6.32 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) 0.813 m
Nitrate Concentration 20.2 µM
PAR(0-) 0.041 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) -0.041 µM/m^2/sec
pH 7.871  
Salinity 28.66 PSU
Temperature 5.87 °C
Transmission 5.349 m-1
Turbidity 2.22 NTU
Latitude 4340.1548 ddmm.m
Longitude 7014.1761 ddmm.m

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Upper Damariscotta River Estuary

Casco Bay 1

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