Bagaduce River
2017-11-27 09:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 12.2 V
CDOM (Water Color) 0.27 QSDE
Chlorophyll a -0.04 µg/L
Conductivity 0.05 S/m
Current Direction 103.7 ESE °
Current Speed 546.5 cm/s
Dissolved O2 8.83 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) -0.080 m
Nitrate Concentration 3.2 µM
PAR(0-) 132.156 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) 158.035 µM/m^2/sec
pH 6.698  
Salinity 0.47 PSU
Temperature 2.19 °C
Transmission 20.005 m-1
Turbidity -0.01 NTU
Latitude 4423.3044 ddmm.m
Longitude 6847.5515 ddmm.m

Upper Damariscotta Estuary
2017-11-29 09:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 12.0 V
CDOM (Water Color) 5.10 QSDE
Chlorophyll a 1.22 µg/L
Conductivity 3.04 S/m
Current Direction 174.6 S °
Current Speed 240.2 cm/s
Dissolved O2 5.77 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) 0.807 m
Nitrate Concentration 9.4 µM
PAR(0-) 108.119 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) 36.143 µM/m^2/sec
pH 8.128  
Salinity 30.64 PSU
Temperature 5.95 °C
Transmission 2.988 m-1
Turbidity 1.64 NTU
Latitude 4359.8907 ddmm.m
Longitude 6932.5516 ddmm.m

Casco Bay 1
2017-11-28 11:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 13.2 V
CDOM (Water Color) 7.17 QSDE
Chlorophyll a 1.58 µg/L
Conductivity 3.01 S/m
Current Direction 78.5 ENE °
Current Speed 10.0 cm/s
Dissolved O2 6.28 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) 0.550 m
Nitrate Concentration 11.3 µM
PAR(0-) 87.195 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) 606.977 µM/m^2/sec
pH 8.119  
Salinity 30.84 PSU
Temperature 5.35 °C
Transmission 11.444 m-1
Turbidity 2.34 NTU
Latitude N/A ddmm.m
Longitude N/A ddmm.m

Casco Bay 2
2017-11-28 13:00:00 EST
Battery Voltage 11.4 V
CDOM (Water Color) 0.15 QSDE
Chlorophyll a -0.00 µg/L
Conductivity 0.10 S/m
Current Direction 213.0 SSW °
Current Speed 544.7 cm/s
Dissolved O2 8.92 ml/l
Depth (Instrument) 0.198 m
Nitrate Concentration -1.3 µM
PAR(0-) 301.163 µM/m^2/sec
PAR(0+) 1.658 µM/m^2/sec
pH 6.642  
Salinity 0.84 PSU
Temperature 4.57 °C
Transmission 12.490 m-1
Turbidity 0.01 NTU
Latitude 4346.5951 ddmm.m
Longitude 6953.5921 ddmm.m

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LOBO Configurations



Designed for rivers and estuaries with constant or periodic currents, the RiverLOBO utilizes a specially designed float to minimize drag. The robust system is designed to be completely submerged and has been tested in heavy icing conditions down to -20C without missing any data transmissions.



Designed for protected bays and small lakes, the BayLOBO uses a heavy duty disc shaped float well suited for riding waves. A larger payload bay allows for more battery capacity for longer deployments.



Without the buoy hull, DockLOBO is a convenient module to monitor water quality from fixed platforms of opportunity such as a dock or piling. By placing the hardware on a solid structure, this system can utilize solar power for more aggressive data acquisition schedules and lower operational costs. From the dock site the data can be sent back to the user via wireless or cabled options.

BenthicLOBO BenthicLOBO


BenthicLOBO also has no buoy hull and is designed in a frame suitable for deployment on the bottom near a dock. Instrument data is transmitted back to shore using an armored cable. Power is provided by a shore based power system using solar panels and batteries. From the shore the data can be sent back to the user via wireless or cabled options.